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Are you in the mood for sex? One Plus One by Kay Dee Royal

Are You In the Mood for Sex?

Wow, what the??? Yeah, I know, but it got your attention, right? *grins*
Okay, so why the question…it’s all about the mood you’re in when you read super-charged sizzling erotic romance and the many different sub-genre choices.

I love reading erotic romance, any sub-genre of it, but there are times when I have to be in a certain mood for some of them in order to fully enjoy it.
Paranormal, such as shifters, ghosts, psychic stuff, witches, vamps, I can read pretty much anytime.  Same for Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy - you get the picture.

But what about the addition of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism), or M/M (male with male), F/F (female with female), or M/F/M (m̩nage with two males and one female or two females and one male or three same sex), or group sex Рincluding sex toys, voyeurism, anal play, oral sex, or any position sex? Whew!

For me, it’s usually a sleepless night that calls me to read something different…more or less something I’ve not personally experienced but would vicariously. I’m curious and love to create with that in mind, and I love to read with that in mind also.

It can be a real turn on, or it can be a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ – I’d have to try it to believe it. (LOL) My mood has to be in an open-mind frame (in other words, my mind isn’t turning over lists of things to do tomorrow), my curiosity is high, and I’m willing to explore the possibilities through story-stars and an author’s expertise in writing the story.

What can I say…sometimes I’ve had too long of a day, I’m worn out and reading something challenging for me just isn’t in the cards…but, I would definitely turn to something curiously hot, different from my norm, and find joy and pleasure in exploring it ;)

So, what is your mood for reading sexually explicit stories? Do you have a certain frame of mind when you read an erotic romance? Is curiosity part of your draw to open the pages?

Kay Dee

One Plus One
Kay Dee Royal

Contemporary Erotic RomanceWARNING: Explicit sex scenes 18+

Tagline: Lacinda and Blade discover more than sexual ecstasy on a lust-filled singles cruise. Winners can’t be losers.

One Plus One Blurb:

Coerced by her friend, Lacinda, a woman crushed by love, winds up on a three-week singles cruise.

Blade, a man of means, discovers Miss Right under the guise of a singles cruise set up by his business partner.

Once Blade focuses his efforts he always gets what he’s after, until Lacinda throws his arrogant reputation back in his face.

Can Blade break through Lacinda’s angry barriers? Will she ever see him as anything more than a player?

One Plus One Excerpt  ~

“Lacinda Gainesly,” a steward called her name. She saw the sign he held with her name printed in bright purple. She slipped on the first step leading down onto the ship and stumbled past the steward. The sign dropped from his fingers and his arms latched around her body from behind. His quick reflexes saved her face from biting the deck, but his hands cupped both of her breasts and squeezed. Lacinda threw her elbow back into his side.

“Hey, a little respect for the guy who saved your life.”

Lacinda shrugged out of his grasp. She met his gaze and realized this was the same man who picked her up from her hotel in a long black limo, only then he was dressed in black instead of the white uniform he now wore.

“You’re the driver.”

“I’m a lot of things, like possibly a hero.” His eyes looked as happy as his lips.

She noticed his smile, the same he shared earlier when he asked her questions about why she took the cruise quiz. Lacinda thought he was simply a driver for the cruise company so she shared some of her story. He knew about Alex dying in a car crash on the way to their wedding. She searched her memory for anything else she might have shared which could embarrass her later.

“Alas fair maiden, your chambers await your timely arrival,” he said, faking a British accent. He held his gloved hand out. Lacinda refused it.

“I’m ready for my quarters.” She needed relaxation, maybe take a nice hot scented bath and get prepared for the swing of things, anything to distract her from the past that never left her alone.

“As you wish, my lady,” he said, again with a British accent. The steward turned, led her across the deck, and down a stairway. She saw men and women following other stewards or each other. Once on board everyone began mingling, even flirting, judging by the tinkling female laughter and deep manly chuckles.

“There will be an announcement left under your door regarding tonight’s dinner seating arrangements. May you enjoy your day and make sure you take time for a relaxing massage. There’s always a masseuse available. Their extension is listed beside your phone. You’ll find your room key there as well.”

Lacinda followed him down a narrow hallway until he stopped in front of a door with an elegantly scrolled number 216.

“This is you. May I answer any questions before I go?”

Lacinda dug in her purse for a tip. Clueless on how much was appropriate and not wanting to give him anything. He got his gratuity when he copped a feel of her breasts.

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Thomas Briar Guest Post - Haute Couture Romance ~ Erotic Romance

Hey everyone, Thomas Briar is back with his newest release – an Erotic Romance short, Haute Couture Romance. I had the chance to read it and loved it (review is below). I’m so happy to introduce Thomas…here to share a little about the writing of this story – take it away, Mr. Briar; )

Hi there. My name is Thomas Briar. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by Kay Dee's Place to visit with me. I really appreciate it.

Today, I have fashionistas on my mind. In all honesty, I must admit that I've always admired the femininity they possess along with their impeccable fashion sense. I know others do as well. How can we not? Our brains are hardwired to appreciate beautiful things.

As a writer of erotica and erotic romance, I always strive to imbue my heroines with the physical and emotional characteristics of the fashionista. Just can't stop myself because it helps me to fall more deeply into love with them so I'll feel compelled to give them their happily ever after.

Um-hmmm, I really like giving my characters their happy endings. I suppose this is because although finding true love in real life can be really tough for people sometimes, it's never impossible. Not even under the worst of circumstances after one has given up all hope of it ever happening for them.

This is the case with Bethany, the heroine of Haute Couture Romance, my latest erotic romance short story to be published by Cobblestone Press.

To the casual observer it seems as if Bethany has it all. She's a beautiful former model, successful in business, and all around good girl. Except when she wasn't good, back before she gave up fashion modeling to move back to her hometown of Valdosta, Georgia to escape a terrible lapse in judgment.

The day Brian walks into her life she's not looking for love because she believes no one will ever love her. Two former boyfriends have already proved this to her in spades. Thus, she's determined not to experience that kind of heartbreak ever again.

But Brian's a lot different than those other guys. He knows all about overcoming past mistakes to become the person one wants to be. And he's not only going to accept Bethany as she is, he's also going to help her overcome that horrible mistake in her past.

Yes, without a doubt, I enjoyed writing this one. It has a little bit of intrigue, some sensual sex, and a love-affirming ending – all the elements I love in an erotic romance story.

Now, if you have the time and inclination please feel free to peruse the back cover blurb and excerpt at your leisure or simply click on the cover for more details. Also, please leave me a comment if you like and I'll certainly reply back.

Thanks again for stopping by and visiting with me!

Haute Couture Romance
Back Cover Blurb:
Bethany is a young woman who harbors a terrible secret. So, in spite of being beautiful and successful, she doesn’t date seriously because she knows there can never be a happily ever after for her…

On the day Brian walks into her life, he's so handsome and charming that she can't resist agreeing to go out with him when he asks. But she tells herself the date will only be for thrills and that nothing serious will ever come of it…

So just imagine Bethany's surprise when Brian shows her what true love really means…

“Welcome to Haute Couture.” Bethany greeted the handsome, thirtyish man as soon as the boutique’s front door closed behind him. “May I help you find something for the lovely lady in your life?”

The man, wearing a gray suit and standing six feet tall with short, wavy dark hair and flawless masculine features, grimaced. “You can try. She’s kind of hard to please.”

“Well, you’re in luck.” Bethany spread her arms to indicate the surrounding spring fashions. “We specialize in the finest women’s apparel and accessories to be found in the whole of Valdosta, Georgia. I’m certain we’ll be able to find something to suit her fancy.”

“I hope so. If not…well, it won’t be the first scolding I’ve taken from her.” The man gave up a charming smile and shrugged his broad shoulders as he turned toward the wall of shoes against the right side of the room. He weaved through the clothing racks to stand before the section hosting many different colors and variations of the peep-toed stiletto. He picked up a pink one with a five-inch heel.

“That is a very popular shoe.” Bethany walked over, transitioning into the hard sell. “It has very sleek lines and really enhances the beauty of a woman’s foot. It’s also very comfortable. And I like the open toe because it allows one to show off freshly painted toenails.”

“It does possess a certain amount of sexiness,” he admitted.

“Stilettos usually do.” Bethany sighed. “I like this particular shoe so well that I’ve already bought it in red, and now they’ve sent the pink one this week. But, as you probably already know, a young woman can never have too many shoes. I’ve got my eye on a new skirt over there as well. This year the spring colors are so vibrant and fun that I can’t resist them.”

“Ah, you’re a fashionista.” The man smiled in appreciation. “I’ve always admired the way fashionistas dress. May I take a good look at you?”

“Sure,” Bethany answered. Dressing to be seen by others was a big part of her livelihood. And she really respected his asking, instead of just leering at her as though it was his inalienable right. Yes, having reached twenty-five years of age and having come into her own as a successful businesswoman, she appreciated the good manners of true gentlemen. Thus, she placed a hand on her hip to strike a subtle, sexy pose.

The man turned all his attention on her for the first time. His brilliant blue eyes searched her slender face and turquoise eyes and then lingered on the way she’d fashioned her blonde hair in an elegant up-style to show off diamond earrings.

Bethany stared back boldly under the scrutiny. Although she couldn’t categorize this examination on his part as being sexual in the least, a shiver of sexual attraction traced its way up the inside of her thighs.

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About The Author

Always edgy and provocative in his writing, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates.

Book ReviewHaute Couture Romance

Author: Thomas Briar

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance Short Story

First Line: “Welcome to Haute Couture,” Bethany greeted the handsome, thirtyish man as soon as the boutique’s front door closed behind him.

Bethany, a fashionista and owner of the Haute Couture woman’s clothing store, has a secret that left her high and dry in the romance relationship department.

Brian, a financial wizard, has his heart set on finding the perfect woman to love for life. Are there any left in the world?

Both have dealt with bitter disappointment until they happen to meet, and their worlds collide, giving them…hope, even with the skeletons stalking Bethany’s closet.

I so enjoy the story-stars of Mr. Briar’s erotic romance tales. He builds heroes every woman swoons over and heroines tattooed with a naughty side that men find fascinating…in this case, enough to pursue against the odds: )

Mr. Briar’s tales, besides being sensually erotic, always pack a twist that deepens the overall characters and story, finishing with a most satisfactory ending…like this one: ) It’s a quick fix if you’re wanting a perfect short love story that leaves you with a smile. Yum.

Reviewed by Kay Dee Royal

Another Excellent Book by Thomas Briar:
Finding Acceptance in His Arms

After discovering that success in life is hollow if she can't also fulfill her most secret sexual desires, twenty-two year old Kara Gibson is desperate to meet a certain man she's heard about that can help her discreetly explore one of her most titillating fantasies. 

Thus, upon instigating a sexual relationship with Evan Lars, a young man in his mid-twenties who is as handsome as he is sexually adventurous, Kara falls desperately in love with Evan from the way he easily accepts all of the unnatural things that turn her on and how he steadily proves he has her best interests at heart. But true love always comes with some sort of sacrifice, doesn't it? And so, as their romantic entanglement hurtles toward its inevitable heartbreaking end, Kara becomes determined to stay with Evan despite the harsh realities of life threatening to steal away her happily ever after.

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