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How to Net a Prince – An erotic short story - where did the heroine come from?

Hello everyone – thanks so much for stopping in. Thought I’d share how I came up with the heroine for How To Net a Prince…sometimes a story-star develops out of the strangest situations/events…like this one did. See what you think…

Where did the heroine come from for How to Net a Prince?

I read the guidelines for this series and really wanted to contribute a story, a fun erotic romance genie story, but struggled coming up with a plausible heroine. I wanted someone who not only wanted to change their life, but also wanted a new relationship. Who better to make a wish with a genie…and for *grins* a prince charming…and then…

I stopped into a grocery store for a few things. It was a slow night, not many customers. When I went to check out, the clerk looked upset, distracted, and she had a bruise by her eye. She looked to be around fortyish.

I asked if she was okay and with tears in her eyes she told me about her cheating, abusive husband. At that moment another woman clerk walked over and I overheard their conversation…she wanted the abused woman to stay with her until the husband was out of the house. They made a pact so the abused woman would be safe.

That’s all it took…and Netta was born *smiles*

How to Net a Prince is a story in the Lacey’s Lamp themed stories – published by Muse It Hot. It’s a fantasy erotic romance short that includes a wise genie named Lacey ~ here’s the blurb:

Netta’s emotionally broken, lonely, and ready to move forward, but how?
Gallant loves life, but wants someone to share it with, when?

Stars align once Netta walks into Lacey’s Lamp and makes a wish…


“Why Lacey’s Lamp?” I asked.

          “Because I’m Lacey, a genie,” she said, and then waved her arms, encompassing the whole room, “and this is my lamp. I can grant you any wish.”

          I chuckled, but Lacey remained serious. So, I pulled myself together and introduced myself, “I’m Netta, it’s nice to meet you.”

Lacey’s brows gathered as if in thought. It became a lengthy uncomfortable moment as she stood across the bar from me, mixing a drink. “Tell me about it, woman to woman.” Lacey handed me the tall, frosty glass filled with swirling shades of orange and green. “First one’s on the house.” Her brows arched and her head tilted as if she waited for me to take a drink.

          I took a quick sip from the skinny straw and words began spilling out, all about Nick, how I failed, how I was lonely, and how I felt afraid. A couple of hours I spewed, until I finally said, “I wish for a man who loves me just the way I am. Who thinks I’m amazing, who rocks my world and believes I’m the only woman in his.”

          “So, in other words, you’re more or less looking for a devoted, good looking man, who loves you. A real prince charming, am I right?”

          “Yeah, do you think you could order up a tall, dark, and handsome one of those for take-out?”

“Your wish is my command.” She winked at me and walked away.

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Lycan, Vampire, Kodiac-were, and what next? Savage Smoke Intro to Story-stars

Thanks so much for stopping in. This week I’m sharing a bit about Savage Smoke and the beings who roam the pages…

Lycan, Vampire, Kodiac-were, and what next?

So, if you’ve read the first book in the Lycan International Investigation Agency series (Staring Into the Eyes of Chance) you have met Chance Grayton’s pack of werewolves or Lycan who shift into wolves;) You’re familiar with Chance, the Alpha, and his usual wolf-shifter abilities like boosted strength, enhanced senses, running like the wind, jumping almost as high as two men, the heightened sexual appetite, plus talking within the pack telepathically. He deals with another gift…premonitions, which he considers more of a curse than an ability;)

Olivia, his primal-mate, possesses an extra sensitive psyche ability for reading any wildlife/animals and it comes in pretty handy when dealing with Chance’s pack or any being outside the pack.

Smoke, the rogue wolf-shifter, carries an extra psychic ability to read minds, and it comes in pretty handy with him being the villain of the series.

There’s more to Chance’s pack than what I’ve given you here…but I wanted to move on to the new species introduced in Book 2 – Savage Smoke.

You’ll meet a female half-breed (half Lycan wolf and half vampire). Both species have shunned her off and on throughout her life. And bigger yet, no one can mark her after mating…she’s more like a black widow in that respect.

There’s much more to the story of a sensual female vampire…she’s got an insatiable thirst for werewolf blood, the same blood that would normally kill a vampire if ingested. She rocks somebody’s world…until?

And, my favorite new Lycan species…a couple male Kodiak-weres – yes, gentle giants who’d rather make love than war…it’s their unique tools (body parts) and pheromones they scatter helter-skelter. They always draw a sexually stimulated crowd. Talk about ‘love-ins’ – Whew…this species can outperform any beings stamina.

Savage Smoke – Book 2 Lycan International Investigation Series

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Sizzling HOT! Warning: Lots of two-somes, three-somes, even more-somes, like it stimulating, arousing, and positively natural…or supernatural. Not for the faint of heart.

Tagline: Will Trevor rescue Lindsey in time to save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want saved?


Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.

Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back, but believes she’s fallen for her captor. Lindsey loves Trevor but believes he’s given up on her.

Will Trevor come around in time to rescue Lindsey and save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want back with Trevor after spending so long apart?

Also available at many other fine e-book stores.

Short Excerpt:

So far, Smoke didn’t share Lindsey with other males, but she was aware of the orgies inside the central building. She heard a few women talk of them. Some even liked them, being surrounded by hard-bodied men hung like rocket launchers. Those women went at it without the use of the stimulation drug Smoke used on everyone else.

She was used to the little needle pricks and welcomed them. It made acting the part with Smoke so much easier, believing in her heart Trevor made love to her, but guarding that fact from Smoke by holding Trevor’s name in the secret place, locked safely away.

Lindsey understood some of the sexual attraction. She had that once, but she couldn’t go there in her mind. Smoke searched her thoughts almost daily and always found if she’d tapped into any memory nuggets of people she loved. He possessed psychic abilities others didn’t. Already, the thoughts of Trevor that had emerged she’d need to bury before Smoke returned.

If an orgy ensued during their pack meeting, Smoke would be preoccupied for a good while. She reached her arm underneath the mattress, where a few weeks ago she saw Smoke slide his journal. Lindsey had fallen asleep with her back to the fireplace. A crack of thunder wakened her in time to witness Smoke closing a journal and placing it beneath the mattress they shared.

           Lindsey touched its leather cover, wrapped her fingers around it, and hauled it out.

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