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Anya Winter, her Masquerade Series, and Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Anya! Welcome to my place, especially on such a yummy-chocolaty occasion as today represents. *smile*

I’m sharing my box of chocolates and hot chocolate…even have a little ‘sweetener’ to add (my dad’s term of endearment whenever he added a shot of whiskey). I use Bailey’s or Kahlua (LOL) Oh, yeah…sorry Anya…just setting the mood for fun today.

Anya pens contemporary erotic romance and is the author of the Masquerade series. In our interview, we’ll be chatting about Anya’s Book 2 of the series, The Mask, along with hearing all about her story-stars.

Before we start – here’s a little about Anya:

Once upon a time … is how the stories used to start.

Not anymore. Now they start with chocolate (and maybe a little bit of passion).

At least in Anya’s world where passionate pleasures are explored …

One Story at a Time!

Don’t miss out on The Master - Book One of the Masquerade Series.

Okay, Anya, let’s get started…

KDR ~ Tell us how the idea for the Masquerade series originated. How did the idea come to you for Book 2, The Mask?

AW ~ A friend of mine was showing me her gorgeous venetian mask - I took a look at it and imagined my first scene right away :) Adding the chocolate wasn’t too difficult either.

KDR ~ Tell us a little about Book 1, The Master. Does it star any of the same characters as The Mask?

AW ~ You’ll find Josh, the vivacious and soon-to-be co owner of Choco Chic Events there, as well Madison, the heroine from The Master shows up. And let’s not forget Harold, the butler :)

The Master is about hidden passions supressed due to fear. It’s one of those ‘lost loves returned’ type of stories.

KDR ~ For The Mask, (Book 2) who is Eve Manor and what motivates/inspires her in this story?

AW ~ Eve Manor is a pastry chef with a love for chocolate. She has a goal - to make a name for herself. She feels the need to prove to herself, to her grandfather and to the culinary world that she has what it takes. That’s her whole focus. Nothing else matters - as much.

Or so she thinks.

KDR ~ What’s the Black & Lace Ball about? Who attends this?

AW ~ The Black & Lace Masquerade Ball is a charity run fundraiser that celebrates the culinary masterminds and their works of art. It’s a time for the culinary world to let loose and have fun.

KDR ~ Who is Christian Grier? AND, who is he to Eve?

AW ~ Ahh, Christian Grier. He’s yummy. He’s a deep man with many talents. He’s the Editor-in-Chief for the culinary magazine. He’s a successful entrepreneur who knows what he wants and how to get it. But he has a secret identity as well. He’s also Kris - part owner of a fetish club. I don’t delve too much into Kris’ Dom passions in this story. That wasn’t the main focus to Christian and Eve’s story, and I didn’t want the Dom/Sub storyline to overshadow everything else.

KDR ~ Who is he to Eve?

AW ~ As Christian - he’s the man she aims to please. If she garners his interest in her desserts, if she can score a featured article in her magazine - that’s all she needs to claim her success. But as Kris - well ... He’s the lover she’s always wanted and craves but is afraid of. She’s afraid of giving into her passions with him. They have a bit of history together...

KDR ~ Is there anything else you’d like to add about the Masquerade series ~ like maybe upcoming titles and taglines?

AW ~ The Masquerade - Book 3 in the series is in the works. There is a character in The Mask - Suzanne - that just begged to have her story told.

I’ve also been asked by readers to tell Josh’s story. If I’ve ever had a character that makes me smile and shake my head at the same time, it’s this guy.

KDR ~ Where can we find you? Please list all of your links.

AW ~ You can visit my website: www.anyawinter.com

Or I would LOVE to chat on twitter - find me @anyawinter

KDR ~ Because it’s Valentine’s Day…I have to ask, what would you most like from your significant other on the most romantic day of the year?

AW ~ My husband is the lover of my soul (as corny as that sounds, it’s true!). After 15 years, what I love most about him is the way he sweeps me off my feet. He writes me little love notes ... I would love one of these from him on Valentine’s Day.

And chocolate. Always chocolate.

Quickie Quiz

        Getting to know Anya Winter

2 Things you do to relax:

Read in the bath. Bake chocolate.

Favorite sport to watch:

Golf. I find it very easy to write while watching golf :)

Cat or Dog:

I love both.

Favorite places to write:

In my big comfy chair with a cup of hot coffee beside me.

Place you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t:

Germany. I would love to tour Europe, to see the heritage. Drink the wine. See the castles.

Breakfast drink:

Coffee with French Vanilla creamer.

Favorite season ~ why:

Fall. It’s hot hot nor cold. Perfect to wear a sweater if you need to. The leaves turn and the grass is a brilliant green.

What are your hobbies /past times (besides writing):

I love to bake. I also enjoy dabbling in cover art. I work along-side www.theauthorsredroom.com with self-pubbed authors to create top notch covers with affordable prices. It’s relaxing to me ;)


Anya is offering a PDF copy of Book 1 in the Masquerade Series, The Master to one lucky commenter. Since it’s Valentine’s Day today…what did you do OR get for your significant other? Leave a comment with your email address to be entered into the drawing. It will happen tomorrow (2-15) after noon EST.

Good luck!!

Click on Cover for Buy Link 

The Mask

By: Anya Winter

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Masquerade Series - Book Two


Eve Manor is a pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and romance. During the annual masked Black & Lace ball, Eve has a plan. She created a signature chocolate dish that was sure to knock the socks off every famous chef and food critic attending the ball. Everything hinges on the night’s success.

Christian Grier is a man with a secret. In the foodie world, he's known as the Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine, Sizzle. When his old college roommate, Josh, asks him to attend the ball his company is catering, Christian intended to turn him down. But when Josh reveals Eve's secret plan, he knew he needed to do everything he could to help. Will hiding behind his mask help in his quest to seduce Eve or will she decide he’s not what she wants after all?

Anya, thanks for making my place one of your BewitchingBook Tours stops. It’s been an awesome day chatting about The Mask. Congratulations on your Masquerade Series.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you everyone for stopping in to visit with Anya – don’t forget to leave a comment for her drawing.

Until Next Time,

Kay Dee

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Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning, Anya...I stayed up late OR early...

I have some coffee brewing and just happen to have French Vanilla creamer if you'd like.

Your series sounds sizzling hot...and I can't wait to read both books.

So, did you buy your husband a Valentine's Day card?

Jean P said...

Happy Valentine's Day
This year my husband brought home flowers yesterday and today we will exchange small gifts and go out for a early dinner, pretty low key.
Enjoyed reading your interview.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

June M. said...

I don't have a SO so instead I celebrated by buying myself a couple of new romance books, *G*. I will be spending the evening curled up with my kindle and maybe a little chocolate.
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Happy V'day!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hey, ladies...Hope your Valentine's Day was awesome.

My husband helped me out with our little drawing...and the winner is:

June you will be receiving an email shortly with your giveaway prize - Anya's book.

Thank you, ladies, for stopping by and leaving comments for Anya...and for visiting my place.
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