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Danielle Ravencraft ~ Erotica Romance ~ Trace Series

Hi Danielle, welcome to my place Muse sister & Ravencraft’s sister ~ we are family ;)

Oh my gosh ~ I’ve read the first two of your shorts in the “Trace” Series and all I can say is it’s amazing how two lost souls can find each other but not recognize each other at a soul level! (LOL) Quite compelling unique characters…excellent twists & turns for Ophelia and Trace.

Here’s a bit about Danielle for those who’ve just met her:

Danielle Ravencraft graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her two Pomeranians. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, her writing is influenced by the multicultural urban society of her youth which she continues to visit each summer. Danielle enjoys writing sensual romance exclusively for a female audience. She pens erotic romance under the pseudonym Danielle Ravencraft. She also writes mainstream paranormal romance and urban fantasy under the name J. D. Brown.

Let’s get rollin’ on with this interview ~ I’m a curious Nellie, especially when it comes from a sister…

First, tell us about the initial idea for this series of shorty’s. How’d the idea come to you? AND, what gave you the idea for making them shorties…like a television series. *smile*

Well, let me start by thanking you for having me on your blog, Kay Dee. We don’t hang out often enough, being sister authors and bloggers. J

The idea for the Trace series started out as a very vivid dream I had one night. The first book, A Trace of Love, is pretty much exactly what I saw in my dream: A young woman and young rock star sharing a very intimate night together. Because it was a dream, I knew there was much more about these two strangers than met the eye.

It was Ophelia who stayed with me months after I had the dream. There was something puzzling about her - I mean what woman wouldn’t jump at the chance to seriously date a rock star? But Ophelia pushed Trace away and I had to know why. Because the feeling stuck with me, I decided to write the dream down and turn into a story. Thus the Trace series was born.

As for why I kept each book as a micro short story, well, A Trace of Love was supposed to be my ticket to publication and nothing more. It was supposed to end with that one short story. But Ophelia was being stubborn and refused to let me give her a happy ending in A Trace of Love. So I decided to continue the story with a couple more shorts. Keeping them short has its benefits. It takes a much shorter production time, so I can focus on other works, and they’re short enough to read during your lunch break which I think appeals to a lot of people who like to get that little escape but might not have the time to read a 90k novel.

You’re right about some readers enjoying shorter works…I’m one of them. Your works are exactly the perfect length.

Give us a few details about Book 1, A Trace of Love. What type of story is it (genre), and who stars in it?

Click Cover for more info
A Trace of Love is an erotic romance about a troubled young woman named Ophelia Martinez who gets the chance to live out her fantasy romance with her long-time high school crush - if only for one night.

Trace Curtis is a hunky rock star and Ophelia’s crush from their high school years. He doesn’t recognize her since it’s been 10 years since graduation, but he falls for the mysterious woman who shuts him out after taking his heart.

Ophelia is a complicated woman ~ issues, secrets, and lonely. What motivates her in Trace of Passion (2nd shorty in the series)?

Well I’m not sure if anything motivates her at the start of the story, except to stay away from Trace as much as possible, LOL. Ophelia doesn’t want to let anyone get attached to her because she’s given up on living and doesn’t want to hurt any more people when she goes. She already has to come to terms with breaking the hearts of her friends. She doesn’t want to add Trace to that list and tries her best to spare him.

Tell us about Trace Curtis ~ what kind of guy is he? What does he do for a living?

Trace is the lead vocals of a punk rock band called Molten Silk. He’s a total sweetheart as his core, but is used to getting what he wants, being famous and all. And yet, Trace is a little damaged. The loss of his father has left him feeling hollow. He doesn’t care for the things he has and feels as though he himself is disposable, until he’s reacquainted with Ophelia.

Who is Trace to Ophelia and visa/versa?

Trace is Ophelia’s high school crush. To her, he will always be “Mathew” (his real name - Trace is his stage name), the sad boy who covered up his emotions with angry song lyrics.

To Trace, Ophelia is the girl who saw him as a human being long before he was popular or famous. She makes him feel more like a man and less like an object.

Do you have anything you’d like to add about this series, particularly Trace of Passion?

Oh, there are lots of things I’m leaving out, haha. But I don’t want to spoil the story for the readers. J

What’s next in this little gem of a series? Can you give us a little heads up?

The third and final part of the series is called A Trace of Hope. I plan on giving Trace and Ophelia their happy ending, but it’s not going to be easy. All the three of us (the characters and I) are hanging by a thread of hope that Ophelia makes it to alter. *wink*

Okay Danielle, I know you have a number of awesome places where you hang your hat ~ please show us the way (LOL).  Drop us a few bread crumbs to follow (List your sites & links)


Quickie Quiz

          Getting to know Danielle Ravencraft…

2 Things you do to relax:  Read while soaking in the tub or watch The Vampire Diaries. J

Favorite sport to watch:  I’m really not a sports fan, but I prefer extreme spots like skateboarding because, well, the guys are sexy…

Cat or Dog:  Dogs (but I love all animals).

Favorite places to write:  Anywhere/everywhere.

Place you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t:  There is a huge chunk of the world still waiting. I couldn’t list just one location.

Breakfast drink: Coffee!!!!!

Favorite season ~ why:  Spring/Fall. In Wisconsin, Summer and Winter are too extreme. The weather is more comfortable in the spring/fall time where all I need is a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweater. I also love the poetic cycle and symbolism; watching the earth die in the fall and being reborn in the spring…

What are your hobbies /past times (besides writing):  I’m an artist in every sense. I love designing with different mediums from oil paints and charcoal to graphic design. I also love dinning out and enjoy the nightlife in Chicago, though you’re more likely to find me in the field museum than any of the bars. J


Danielle is giving away an ebook copy of A Trace of Love and a Trace of Passion to one commenter. Leave a question or comment for Danielle along with your email addy so we can contact the winner. Drawing will be tomorrow (2-21-12) sometime after noon EST ~ to give all time zones a chance to enter.

Good Luck!!!

Click Cover for Buy Link

A Trace of Passion

A Short Story by Danielle Ravencraft

Genre: Erotica Romance

Warning: Contains mild sexual content, adult language, and adult situations.


Ophelia’s in for a birthday surprise that turns out to be a birthday nightmare as she’s reunited with hunky rock star, Trace Curtis. The pain of her defiance runs deep and he won’t leave Ophelia alone without an explanation. The more time they spend together, the more their passion grows. Ophelia knows in her heart she should tell Trace the truth, but will her secret drive him away?


Ophelia rushed into the first stall. Her nose wrinkled. She never understood how other women managed to pee on the rim of the toilet…or the floor for that matter. She was about to try the next stall when the restroom door opened, followed by a cloud of shouting and the click of high heels. Ophelia yanked the stall lock home and backed into the corner between the drippy toilet and the metal frame.

She managed to avoid the House of Blues for eleven months, twenty-three days, ten hours and forty-five minutes. But fate twisted a knife in her back one week ago when her friends surprised her with tickets to a Molten Silk concert for her birthday.

They didn’t know. She hadn’t told anyone. Now she wished she had.

This morning, her mind stooped so low as to consider telling her friends she was ill. But she couldn’t disappoint them. Molten Silk tickets were expensive and the girls had pooled their money together to make sure she had a great birthday.

Once the door swung closed, the tile amplified the click of the woman’s heels as she neared. “Ophelia, are you in here?”

Her breath hitched as she debated her next move. This is stupid. I can’t hide in the women’s bathroom all night. But she could try.


She squeezed her eyes shut. “I’m in here.” Damn it.

Ophelia glanced at the space between the stall and the floor as a pair of black stilettos came into view.

“The show’s about to start. Are you all right?”

She sighed and unlocked the stall door. It swung open to reveal the tall brunette. “I’m fine,” Ophelia smiled. “Just using the bathroom.”

“Well hurry up,” Alana urged.

Ophelia strolled to the sink and washed her hands. He won’t recognize me. It’s been almost a year. He probably has a real girlfriend now. Her chest constricted and she winced. How could she still have feelings for him after all this time?

Alana rolled her eyes. “Ophelia, I love you but if you move any slower I’m going to have to hurt you. Now let’s go!” She grabbed Ophelia’s hand and flung her out of the restroom into the crowd chanting “Mol-ten Silk! Mol-ten Silk!”

The venue was packed to the brim, muggy, and smelled like B.O. She wouldn’t have minded expect her friends had their hearts set on standing in the middle of B.O. central. The pair squeezed through the crowed until they caught up with the bubbly blonde standing alone in the center.

“Oh good, you found the birthday girl,” Lizzy yelled over the demanding horde. She clapped her hands in excitement. Ophelia managed a small smile.

Alana stretched her neck and glanced around. “Did I miss anything?”

Ophelia looked too, taking note of the obese gentleman on the left. She could always duck behind him. She doubted anyone would notice. Although, with an energetic crowd of rough rock’n’roll fans, ducking of any sort could be suicide.

Lizzy leaned toward Alana and opened her mouth to speak, but the lights dimmed and the crowd erupted in cheers. Ophelia winced as her stomach did a flip-flop. She touched her fingers to her lips. I hope I don’t vomit.
Smoke spilled from the stage like a waterfall as the curtain lifted. Five male silhouettes stood in the dark. The one on the right strummed his guitar, earning shrill applause from the audience. Lights of every color illuminated the stage as the rest of the band joined in the performance. Ophelia’s gasp went unnoticed as her friends cheered.

Trace Curtis stood center stage, microphone in hand. His voice flowed in harmony with the guitar riffs. His black, unbuttoned vest accentuated his flawless chest and chiseled abs. His black curls were a bit longer than she remembered and hung over his baby-blue eyes. Ophelia’s throat dried and she struggled to swallow. “I’m going to get a drink,” she said to herself. She backed away from her star-struck friends.

Ophelia didn’t breathe until she reached the bar at the very back. Her breath rushed past her lips in a heavy sigh as she sat on the worn leather stool and ordered a beer. The bar tender winked at her as he handed her selection. Ophelia bit her lip. The old man remembers me after all this time…

The lyrics stopped. The microphone gave a squeal amplified to a glass-shattering pitch. Ophelia cupped her hands over her ears and turned in her seat without thinking. Everyone stared at Trace. His eyes were so wide, she saw the whites despite the distance and crowd. Everyone slowly turned to face her. Heat rushed to her cheeks. She faced the bar and pressed the neck of the beer bottle to her lips. Just keep singing, Trace. Please, just keep singing.

Danielle…it’s been awesome having you…we don’t get much opportunity to spend a lot of time together…both being so busy. It was extra special for me today…and Charlene, another of our Ravencraft’s sisters, will be here hanging out tomorrow.

Congratulations on your Trace series…you’ve got another series coming up…first book in releasing in March…and I’m hoping you can come back again to have a book/story-star chat *smile*

Thank you everyone for visiting with Danielle ~ don’t forget to leave her a comment and win the first two shorties in her Trace series.

Warm Hearts & Hugs,

Kay Dee

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Danielle Ravencraft said...

Good morning, Kay Dee! Thanks so much for having me at your blog! I'll definitely come back tomorrow too to read Charlene's interview (I just love her work also!)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hugs Danielle - so glad we get to hang today together...never enough times for friends to simply sit and chat. Whew!

I've got the coffee brewing...I know how much you love your coffee *smile*...and will I. Need to get my focus on for writing...a few projects going on.

So...can you share what's on your writing agenda this week?

More hugs...dang girl, I'm really excited you're here *bigger toothy smile*

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Aww! *hugs back* I know, we never get to just sit a breathe and chat for a bit!

My writing agenda - oh gosh...there is no end to THAT list. LOL.

Right now I'm working on getting my urban fantasy name out there (J.D. Brown). I'm about 2/3 done with Book 2 in the Dark Heirloom series (Book 1 releases in March) and right now finishing that WIP is my top priority! Then it's back to the Trace series to write A Trace of Hope and send Trace and Ophelia off to their Happily Ever After...oh! I'll miss them! *Sigh*

I have several ideas on the back burner for both pen names... After the Trace series is over, I want to work on a new WIP called "Orion". It's an erotic romance with a touch of fantasy and paranormal.

As J.D. I have an idea for YA werewolf paranormal romance that I am DIEING to jump into! I'm really excited about the characters for that one! But I'm forcing myself to be patient before I bite off more than I can chew! There just isn't enough time in the day. I really need to learn how to write two books at once, lol.

I have more ideas, but those four are the ones taking up all my brain space right now. :)

booklover0226 said...

Good morning, All.

This sounds like a series I will really enjoy; I'm adding it to my must have list.

I love the covers, Danielle. Do you work with one particular cover artist?

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Tracey, thanks so much!

My cover artist's name is Delilah Stephens. She works for my publisher and has done all my covers so far. I believe she does some free-lance work too. She's sensational at her job. Never had to ask her to fix anything so far.

I hope you enjoy the series. :)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Tracey - great to see you here. Danielle's covers are awesome! So are the stories inside. *smile*

Danielle, you really do sound like you've got a ton on your plate. I'm always dazzled by all you have to do and still manage to be productive rather than overwhelmed.

I need lessons in that.

I'm less than half-way through my second in the Lycan series...coming out about the same time your first book will be. We talked about this in the past. I'm doing the same as you in that I'm busy writing that, working on a YA, and also starting a non-fiction. Whew...I'm beginning to understand why you like coffee so much. LOL

So, with this dreamed about the characters...did you end up using character outlines or character sketches to get to know them even better OR did you let them develope as they did through the story?

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Hi Danielle and Kay Dee! *waves* So good to see you two together and talking Trace. :) I love this series.

You guys are so busy! How you do it I'll never know.

Are those cream bagels over there?

Sharon Hamilton said...

Hi Danielle and Kay Dee from rainy California! JD I love all your ideas for the WIPs you have lined up. I think the teenage were story sound very hot.

I loved Trace of Love. And I'm happy to share you on my blog tomorrow. Hope you'll all stop by there too, as well as say Hi to Charlene, another Sista.

Didn't know you'd rather be in a museum than a bar, Danielle. So, I learned something new about you. I'm the same way. Must be why we get along so well.

I raise my decaf coffee, my yogurt/strawberries/oatmeal mixture and salute to your special day!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Charlene - all the cream bagels you want, dear...especially chocolate cream bagels - yummy!

Sharon - Hey there! You left without leaving your blog address - where Danielle will be tomorrow.

Danielle, can you share it with us?

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Kay Dee, I didn't do much character sketching for Trace and Ophelia. The stories are short enough that I could remember the details - or if I forgot something I could just read over the stories again. lol. SO I let them just be their selves.

Charlene, you got me hungry for bagels now...and cream cheese!!!

Sharon and I will be at this link tomorrow>>

Thanks ladies!

Kay Dee Royal said...

I'm headed off to the store...picking up a few more treats (and cat food) LOL

I'll definitely be visiting you tomorrow at Sharon's...don't forget about Charlene being here tomorrow also.

It's been a productive day...although I haven't written a word in my novel. Tomorrow is all about novel writing.

How'd you do today, Danielle?

Danielle Ravencraft said...

I actually added 80 words! Don't ask me when or how, LOL. But the night is young, I could get some more in maybe...

Thanks so much for having me today, Kay Dee. It was a blast. We need to get together more often.

See you tomorrow. *hugs*

bn100 said...

I enjoyed the interview and excerpt. The book sounds very good.


flchen1 said...

Thanks for the interview and the intro to these characters, Danielle! You're a new-to-me author, and I do like the sounds of Ophelia and Trace's story! It sounds like a very emotional journey! How neat that it was inspired by a dream!

How long have you been writing? Have you always loved to read?

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Karen Cote said...

Love the storyline! Kay Dee, your interviews are so fun anyway but coupled with such a sexy and heart-stopping story? Magic.

Thanks ladies.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Drawing coming up soon...

Danielle Ravencraft said...

BN100 - Thank you. :)

Flchen1 - Thanks! I've been writing for about three years but didn't get published until 2011. Yes, I've always loved to read! When I was a little girl, I had more books than toys and I read 2-3 books a week. It drove my mom crazy. She wanted to be play with dolls but I couldn't be bothered with them. I still read all the time.

Karen - Thanks, you're so sweet. Kay Dee really is good an hosting interviews.

Kay Dee - Drop me an email when you know who the winner is. Or am I supposed to pick??

Kay Dee Royal said...

Okay...I've done the draw, have a lucky winner for both of your books and the winner is...

Tracey!!! You are one of the luckiest ladies I know LOL - Congratulations! You're going to love this set of shorts. Danielle knows her Ophelia & Trace's story well.

Thank you everyone for turning out for Danielle and her Trace series.

It's been a wonderful time.

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