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Alix Richards Introduces her Divine Immortals

Hello Everyone – PN Fantasy Erotic Romance author, Alix Richards, is back with her Divine Immortals Series story-stars…filling us in with a bit of their back-story and I already have fallen in love with all of them: ) There’s a lot to cover…so go to it, Alix: )

Tell us how the idea came to you for the Divine Immortals series.

Originally, there wasn’t going to be a Divine Immortals, for no other reason than I ran into some issues that lead me to assume (assumptions are the mother of all f**k-ups, by the way…) readers weren’t interested in creatures that were so unlike themselves, so fantastical. But as the stories evolved I found I couldn’t just slip the characters into Twin Flames, or even Gods’ Stones series’. They were Divine and (untitled) Deities. Their abilities (powers) made it hard to drop them into this world without giving them their due justice. They really did deserve their own place, created just for them. Hence, Divine Immortals was later born as a series. J

A close friend kept at me over the years, whenever we’d chat about putting my Immortals out there. I guess you could say I was a lot more protective over them then my Hybrids. She kept saying, “You really need to just jump in. They deserve their moment in the spotlight.” I’d agree, but couldn’t bring myself to take that final leap. I wrote their tales, but placed them in a folder and that was it. Then we’d talk again…and there were those words. But the last conversation was the one that got me to thinking. She said, “You are letting those haters win if you don’t submit your Immortals.” *sigh* She was right. And I didn’t want that. J

After much heart and soul searching, I decided to create the series and see what happened. I grabbed a 1K scene I’d written for a contest (back in 2010) for Sunny and Bentley and expanded on it (one of the judges really wanted to see it expanded into a novelJ). I hummed and hawed over it for weeks…yes, weeks! LOL Then finally submitted it. Talk about a worrisome moment. I paced and chewed on my nails with fear. Cleaned house (I hate cleaning!) baked and cooked; anything to keep my mind off the submission. Ignoring those earlier negative words wasn’t easy (the original Immortals story got trashed, hardcore, sadly). 

I mean, all of the Immortals are the oldest characters I have. They were the ones I wove into stories to keep my siblings and cousins entertained. They’re as much my children as those I birthed, if not more so. I’d known them since I was a young girl. I do believe when I got word I received the contract for Immortal Bond I broke down and cried. I did the same with the story that now has become the first book in a completely new series (Divine Beginnings) Divine Innocence. For the simple fact that one is the first, the beginning of it all.

Can you list a few of your Divine Immortals and what they do to keep peace (their ability)?

First thing about Divine Immortals is they are what I call un-titled Deities. The Living Goddess believes there are too many Gods and Goddesses running amuck (her exact words, lol) and refuses to add more to the mix. The Immortal Fey and Delphian Immortals are under her banner, in essence her pantheon. Until she does her full duty and deifies them, the major powers they command are restricted.

Divine Immortals do not come into their “full” powers (not counting those held by the Living Goddess) until they reach their first-millennia (or “millennias” as they are called). Now, I could give you a spoiler…however, right now none of the series’ or stories are moving in that direction. So I shall hold onto that delicious tidbit for a possible later date. Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll be introduced to a whole new dimension and a world outside Earth. That’s all I’m saying. *grin*

Tarrinaysa D’Orian – “I am the Immortal Fey Queen, the Living Goddess, and the Ancient Goddess of Life, Beginning and Ending. I appear wherever I wish in all the stories and every series. I am the divine feminine Alpha and Omega, all that has and all that will be, is at my command. Known in the human world as “Tarrin Dorian” I maintain the balance of Life. A dual essence with two conscious parts, my Fey Soul and the entity of the Ancient Goddess herself. Decisions and choices are for the equilibrium of Life itself. Yes, that means many are seen as harsh or cold, is that not true Nature and Life? Nature and Life are not good or bad, it is uncontrollable, unbiased. Nature is not cruel, she is balance, it is the same with Life. That is what I am…Life. I am balance.”

Nickolai D’Lyons – “Born Wolf Hunter an Immortal Fey, my life changed unexpectedly and through the actions of the Living Goddess I became the first of my kind. I am the Delphian Prince, their ruler. The divine title of Ancient God of Life, Beginning and Ending bestowed upon me from that first breath, the divine masculine Alpha and Omega, all that has and will be is my command. I appear in any and all books and series’, to my discretion I choose. I preside over Past, while my flame-mate does Future, together we balance and rule the Present. I am Tarrinaysa’s mirror image and exact opposite. What she carries, as do I. Her imperfections are my own, as it is in the reverse. It is the same with our perfections. We are each other. The same Soul and being living in two different bodies. Now, if I could just pay compensate for those deeds while I was young, balance would return to the world and its people. I am of Nature and Life. Cruelty does not exist as neither Life nor Nature is cruel, it just is balance. I am Life…I am balance.” 

Ciel Ravensthorne – “I am the God of Destiny. I show up in every story and each series. The eldest son of the God of Death, I am friend and foe to those I protect and watch over. Friend for no other reason than they accept me as I appear. Foe due to my duties. Many believe they have control over their Destiny. If they only knew, their chosen Destiny appeared long before they breathed in this Life. I am the Head Terentian Warrior at the Academy. With the assistance of my cousin Gunnar Dorian, together we train Hybrids and Shape-Shifters in their future fields. I am of Destiny; neither black nor white grace my vision. As for balance to be maintained all is shades of gray.”

Lysander “Andros” D’Lyons – “I am the second-born son of the Delphian Prince and his chosen Fey-kin mate, Kali. I appear in the Gods’ Stones series, but am Immortal. My book is Gods’ Stones: Dark Embrace. My official titles are, Peace Keeper and Rogue Hunter. I am justice. My inherit calmness and levelheadedness means I do not rile easy. I carry out my duties to the Living Goddess and Delphian Prince without complaint or backtalk. Not to say I gnash at the leash the divine feminine places upon my neck. I know she does so out of concern, that does not mean I accept her restraint on my person. She gave me my flame-mate Noa. For that alone I shall forever bow to her divine rule.”

Solana “Sunny” D’Orian – “I am the second to youngest adopted daughter of the Living Goddess. My book is Divine Immortals: Immortal Bond. Due to my young age, my powers and abilities aren’t fully known. I also carry no official title, until my millennias I am what my siblings call a “youngling.” They are the one who dig my ass out of the trouble I locate with relative ease. Gunnar has said my title should be problem finder, as trouble finds me wherever I go. My flame-mate is Bentley D’Lyons. I call him my hero, behind his back of course. He didn’t change me or my perchance for loving the pleasure of life to the fullest extent possible. He came when my Soul called to him, wherever I was. Bentley didn’t demand my conform, he didn’t clip my wings. He let me fly and loved me just the way I am. I am youthful chaos in its form.”

Bentley D’Lyons – “I am the first-born son of Andros and grandson of the Delphian Prince. Flame-mate to Sunny D’Orian my book is Divine Immortals: Immortal Bond. I work with my Uncle Quinn, who is more a friend, as we are close in age. I believe I am actually the older of us, don’t let him tell you otherwise, just sayin’. I tend to know what each situation requires before it becomes volatile. My patience is never-ending, even with Sunny. That female led me on a merry chase across four-centuries and too many countries to count. I did not mind our trysts. Seeing the Old World through her young eyes gave me a gift I’ll treasure forevermore. I am patience.”

Lysander Saxony-de Leon – “I am cousin to the Delphian Prince, eldest son of his mother’s older brother. My book is Gods’ Stones: Dark Desire. Born Fey-kin, converted to Delphian Immortal when the Living Goddess saved my life thousands of years ago, I am a Peace Keeper and Terentian Warrior. I negotiate with delegates from the other species. I am knowing, knowledge and diplomacy in its true sense, not politics. I see the world and her people in shades of gray; there is no black and white, unlike what many like to believe. I vowed to find my flame-mate’s kidnapped sister and niece, even if I must do the tracking myself I will fulfill that promise. I am a an ancient negotiator.”

Talos D’Lyons – “I am the second eldest brother of the Delphian Prince. I was born Fey-kin and due to others attempt the Living Goddess converted my form to Delphian Immortal. My book is the un-submitted book titled Gods’ Stones: Guardian. I command the weather and follow what the Twins of Life dictate. That does not mean I do not question, it strictly means as they are balance and Life, I do what requires my attention. Emotion and attachments aside, I am an untitled deity. I maintain balance in the world, even if that means pissing people off in the process. An Ancient Warrior I do not bring innocents into our world and involve them in a most vicious ancient war. Finding Mea, was a special reward I didn’t believe I could accept. But she fought for my life as if it were her own. How precious is that in a stranger? I am nature in its truest form. Not cruel, balance.”

Kallen D’Lyons – “I am the first-born son and heir of the Delphian Prince. My book is Divine Immortals: Immortal Love. Alix calls me her “Prince-heir” and that I am my father’s son. I do not see this, as my father chose to walk away from his flame-mate, while I embraced mine. I command the Delphian Immortals alongside the Delphian Prince, learning my role and position. When my father and the Living Goddess become Soul Bound, I will be their crowned prince. I am more formal commander as I control the elements. I tend to be very protective over the Delphian people as a whole in modern times, fearing they are being overlooked in favor of the Immortal Fey. While young, I made a choice that turned on its ear centuries later with the emergence of my flame-mate. Had I made the right decision back then? Was it the right one for me as a male, or was it emotions speaking? I am the future Delphian Prince, ruler of the Delphian Immortals.”

Alina D’Ana-D’Lyons – “I am the divine mate of Kallen D’Lyons, my book Is Divine Immortals: Immortal Love. I was born Fey-kin, wed and bore a son, Gregor as such creature. Finding my Twin Flame altered my blood genetics when we became Soul Bound, I am now seen by many as a unique “hybrid” of sorts, as my abilities are a combination of Fey-kin and Delphian Immortal. With the right tone, my voice can soothe and settle a situation without raising a finger. Kallen calls me a “true wonder,” I believe he’s biased though. I learned to take care of myself and son without a male. Finding my Twin Flame is my dream-come-true. I am calm.”

If given a family tree of the Divine Immortals – who would be at the root?

In truth it would have to be both Nickolai and Tarrinaysa. As they are the divine masculine and divine feminine, you have to have both male and female for balance. Although I’m sure Tarrinaysa will argue that it is she alone, and Nickolai will just smile. He knows the truth. J

If I go with her, it is Tarrinaysa, my Living Goddess, the Ancient Goddess of Life, Beginning and Ending would be the root. She anchors the world, all its’ people and creatures into Life. Many believe she is the life force of the planet that without her there is no people or life. That if she were to walk away from Earth all that exists now would cease, no animals, no plants, no people, nothing. It would be nothing but a barren wasteland.

However, the question is…would Tarrinaysa walk away and condemn billions of people to death? Hmmm…something to consider. J

Who are the peoples/beings that the Divine Immortals protect?

They protect everyone. Immortals make sure the rules and Laws of the Living Goddess and Delphian Prince are followed and adhered to by Cursed Ones (Hybrids and Shape-Shifters) and First Ones (Fey-kin). They keep full-blooded Humans from learning about the other species living amongst them. They fight to keep balance in the world. Delivering the Justice of the Gods to the Malecordi and making sure the Equalizers (Gods-Killers) aren’t released. 

No Immortal wants a repeat of the Immortal Wars from ancient times returning. This is an event in the far past where the Fates and Ancient Creators fashioned creatures to battle the First Ones and Malecordi in place of the new Mortal Humans. But as with everything, the God-Killers removed the life from every Fey-kin and Immortal Fey without discretion. That was what they were born to do, their duty. Sadly, many Fey-kin and Immortal Fey fought against their own kin and kind, protecting Humans and died. The Equalizers killed them, as they were commanded to kill all who weren’t Mortal. This caused a division in the races. Many felt it wrong they were all lumped in with faithless, which much later caused the rise of Laws that separated the species. It is the reason behind Calanthians and Eudorians staying out of Mortal Human conflicts. 

When the Fates and Ancient Creators called forth the creatures to stabilize things, they inadvertently fashioned hostile emotions. God-Killers are not free-thinking beings; their purpose is to re-establish the balance between those who are Human and those who aren’t. They are soldiers, killers. Guess you could liken it to the modern terms of “friendly fire.” Tarrinaysa and Nickolai removed that as a possible problem, by setting rules in place that forbid their people from getting involved in matters that are strictly human. As long as it’s Mortal on Mortal killing, the Equalizers remain in stasis. In essence, it was the way the Ancient Pantheon dealt with beings like the Evil Fey King. J

Divine Immortals: Immortal Bond
Divine Immortals Series - Book One
Release - December 9, 2015

“As much as I’d love to help you through this, I can’t.” Iyanna looped her arms around her shoulders and hugged her. “There are certain things in life we have to do alone. This, in a sense, is one of them. I’m here for you, but in the end, this is something you have to decide on. He will have to too. That’s the way it works.”

“And if our families can’t handle it?” Sunny’s eyes widened at her words. Her gaze flying up to her sister’s. “I mean, if he happens to belong to another race.”
* * * *
Solana Dorian knew who her divine mate was, had for centuries. Now the time had come for her to make a decision. Accept him, even if it caused a rift within her family, or walk away.

Centuries of patiently waiting for Sunny to grow up weighed on Bentley D’Lyons’ nerves. He refused to pressure her, yet at the same time wished she’d hurry up. Could he handle many more decades of her not accepting him completely?

Sunny has always enjoyed her sexual freedom, but only Bentley sates her hunger. Why is he always ready and waiting?


Alix Richards BIO:
A multi-published author who was first a storyteller, Alix Richards didn’t get around to recording her stories on paper until she was ten. The creative worlds grew with time and experience in her imagination. Finding her own ‘twin flame’ inspired her to look again at those worlds and characters she’d set aside when life demanded her full attention.

Between plotting, chatting writer friends off their balconies, reading romance novels, playing SIMS and meeting new people, Alix spends time with her family and friends, happy to share her real life with those who mean the most to her. She’s friendly, stubborn, and outspoken but still enjoys laughing and crying while reading a good book. She’s a romantic with a harsh realistic twist, because some things just don’t happen in everyday life.

She continues to believe what her grandmother taught her, anything is possible. Alix would love to hear from you, 

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Alix Richards - Terentian Warriors or Malecordi - PN Fantasy Erotic Romance - the Good or the Bad -n- Ugly...

Hello everyone, welcome back for day 4 with my good friend, Alix Richards, PN Fantasy erotic romance author of the Gods’ Stones Series (and many other series of the same world).

She’s got some good guys and some really evil guys in her series – so get settled in and get a little dose of them. Take it away Alix; )

What is a Terentian Warrior? How are they involved in this series?

Terentian Warriors are sentinels, they (in a sense) are police Hybrids, Shape-Shifters, First Ones (Fey-kin) and Immortals. Most are specially trained Hybrids and Shape-Shifters who watch over and protect those living outside Calanthia and Eudoria.

Their orders come directly from the Living Goddess and Delphian Prince, or those serving under the two deities. Ciel, God of Destiny is one of those under the deities, as is Gunnar Dorian (the eldest adopted son of Tarrinaysa). Those two work together to train the warriors in the ancient ways.

Due to freewill, the Deities cannot get directly involved with happenings on Earth. However, they can involve themselves indirectly, as in friends and authoritative (non-divine) figures. Tarrinaysa said in Twin Flames: Soul Design (Twin Flames, book #6), freewill “Cannot be tampered with, but how good is freewill if not given the facts? If fed lies and deceit then decisions are made based on falsehoods. They need the truth. From that they can choose which path to take.” You could say it’s a loophole she often utilizes.

Terentian Warriors for the Gods’ Stones series, are dispatched to bring those that are “selling” the gems to stand before the Hybrid Council (this council rules all Hybrids around the world, similar to being a U.S. citizen in a foreign country, you are still governed by the laws of the United States) and stand trial for their crimes (assumed, as they haven’t exactly sold the jewels yet).

SPOILER ALERT…Tarrinaysa, the Living Goddess, can pinpoint which couples are divinely matched (Twin Flames), in the Gods’ Stones series, she used that “sense” or “knowledge” to pick the Terentian Warriors (Ridge and Raider Silverthorne, and Lysander “Andros” D’Lyons - unexpected bonus’ for me!) that were sent to retrieve our heroines. No, that information is not in Dark Jewel, Dark Fire, Dark Embrace, Dark Desire, or Secrets. That doesn’t mean it won’t show up. There are at least three more books involving this particular Manchester family line. J

Tell us about the Malecordi.

Every created (and real) world has to have their evil doers. J Those are my Malecordi (or Malecordium for one, thank you for that help Greta, you’re the best! And fellow Muse author Jim Hartley for the assistance with their name).
Malecordi/Malecordium roughly translates to mean “evil-hearted ones,” which is exactly what they are. They thrive on chaos and destruction, imbalance and hatred. Discord and malcontent.

In this world, they are the fault of all the horrors around the world. They do not want peace, love, and happiness to rule. The original Malecordi followed the Evil Fey King Alaric (Tarrinaysa’s father).

(SPOILER) When Tarrinaysa killed Alaric thousands of years ago, the remaining faithful worked to find a way to bring him back to life. (SPOILER) They believe if they collect all of the Gods’ Stones in the world they can achieve this feat (they can’t as it’s not possible to gather ALL the divine gems).

And no, there is no “saving” the Malecordi. Once they chose that path in Life, they are in it until they die. No conversion. No praying for their souls. No confession of sins and crimes will bring them back onto the straight and narrow of life. You could say they are un-savable. Their Souls truly are the darkest and blackest, if they even have Souls… *chuckle*

I liken the Malecordi to Dark Age fireside stories. You know, those tales they told to explain why things happened in a certain way or certain manner. The darkness of the night, enhancing their fear to keep them inside and in the light. 

I also looked to how many religions have demons. And how during the Inquisitions throughout history had the “righteous” saving the “damned” by torturing/killing them. That was their only redemption, through death, you know, the whole trial by fire and all that? Yep, that gave me the depth for these evil creatures/beings. Nothing can save a Malecordium.

Alix – wow – you have the best of the best and then the worst of the worst…good to know there’s a balance *grins* Makes for some hellatious tension when dealing with those evil ones.

Stop back tomorrow – Alix will share a bit of her Divine Immortal series: )

Gods’ Stones: Dark Embrace
Gods’ Stones Series - Book Three
Release - January 23, 2015

“You can release me.” Noa tried to turn her mind away from the warmth seeping into her body from his. She didn’t need someone taking care of her; she did very well on her own.

“I could, but then you would catch cold, or worse, pneumonia.”

 “Well, if you hadn’t taken my coat there wouldn’t be a problem.”

“True, and if you had remained in the house your teeth wouldn’t be chattering.”

She opened her mouth but nothing came out. What had her reason for leaving during a snowstorm been?
* * * *
All Noa Manchester had to do was collect fire opals and return home. But the beguiling song of a Gods’ Stone coaxed her to follow; now she faces an Immortal of whom she hadn’t known existed. How had a simple trip turned into a healing of the soul?

Andros D’Lyons chose to accept his long life for what it was; a duty to the Ancient Gods. The appearance of a young hybrid female changes that. Faced with a choice, he gave control to Noa. If anything developed deeper between them, it was her decision.

Will Noa accept Andros for who he is to her? If she does, where will that leave her kidnapped sister and niece?

Even the most ancient and hardened warriors are given a chance at true love.



Cover Not Available...yet; )

Gods’ Stones: Dark Desire
Gods’ Stones Series - Book Four
Release Spring, 2015

She watched the play of muscle bunch across his back as he stretched. The morning sun glinted off the iridescent amulet he wore on a leather thong around his neck. She ignored the heat spreading through her body. It was the stone she was after, not a quick roll in the hay.

Slip the gem over his head and leave. That was Kaimana Manchester’s plan to save her sister and niece. However, that wasn’t what nature desired.

“It is possible, but you are like your cousins, not sitting still for longer than a second at a time. Stubborn and forever on the move.” Familiar female vocals caressed the walls of his mind.
* * * *
Lysander Saxony-de Leon knew this day would come. Prepared or not, what transpired shook him to his core and threatened his control.

Immortals viewed the world differently than everyone else. Faced with choices and threats, they don’t cower and back away. What transpires between Lysander and Kaimana is just the beginning. Can Lysander keep his promise to save Kaimana’s family? If he does, peace and love is his unconditionally.

Desire is the gem of love, can Kaimana accept what Lysander has to offer?


Alix Richards BIO:

A multi-published author who was first a storyteller, Alix Richards didn’t get around to recording her stories on paper until she was ten. The creative worlds grew with time and experience in her imagination. Finding her own ‘twin flame’ inspired her to look again at those worlds and characters she’d set aside when life demanded her full attention.

Between plotting, chatting writer friends off their balconies, reading romance novels, playing SIMS and meeting new people, Alix spends time with her family and friends, happy to share her real life with those who mean the most to her. She’s friendly, stubborn, and outspoken but still enjoys laughing and crying while reading a good book. She’s a romantic with a harsh realistic twist, because some things just don’t happen in everyday life.

She continues to believe what her grandmother taught her, anything is possible. Alix would love to hear from you, 

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