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Kay Dee Royal – A Paranormal Erotic Romance Blog Swan Song

Hello everyone – I’m so glad you stopped by because I have something I’d like to share, exciting news and at the same time a little sad too.

I’m in the process of changing genre focus. Yep…I’ve been mad crazy about writing erotic romance for a number of years, but now a deeply seeded yearning to slide into mystery, suspense, paranormal romance won’t leave me alone; ) Mystery, suspense romance fiction has held my interest, curiosity, and intrigue for decades and as I’m also an avid reader of it, I believe it’s time to take the plunge and submerse myself with writing it.

After much deliberation with me, myself, and I – I’ve decided to follow the inner push to move (nothing short of a swift kick in the a**) *grins* My first book in the mystery, suspense, paranormal romance is close to finished. It’s a murder mystery with a nice dose of romance (not erotic) and includes a paranormal element (ghostly stuff), plus I threw in a little humor for kicks and giggles. It’s a series and I’d like to have book two completed and book three started before I send it off to an agent.

Series Tagline: Kendra Spark Novels – Kendra communicates with the dead ~ it’s unavoidable, maybe even addictive, and sometimes…it’s downright terrifying.

These novels will be written under S. Peters-Davis

You’ll still see me (Kay Dee Royal) around the social media networks like Twitter, FB, and Google+, but I will no longer be posting on this blog. All links to past posts will remain alive and well – to view and promote; ) You’ll definitely see me on the Muse It HOT Blog now and again, so please stop in to take a peek.

After a nice five-year run, I’ve been truly blessed to have so many amazing erotic authors and cover artists grace my halls as featured guests – for interviews, book highlights, or guest posts and many giveaways. Please take a tour of your favorite author posts; those links are available on my listing in the margin at the right, as are the cover artists.

It’s been wonderful fun meeting so many great authors, artists, and viewers…a number of whom are now close friends: )

That brings me to…the readers and viewers who have stopped in seeking the exact authors and artists featured on this blog site. Thank You for your support and for following along, promoting on your social media networks, and sharing in my journey. I’m honored, inspired, and encouraged by all of you.

Blessings, abundance, and a lifetime of wild crazy successes to all; )

Kay Dee

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kurt Dysan - Called Home - Interview and Giveaway

Hello everyone – I’m excited to have paranormal erotic romance author Kurt Dysan as the featured guest author this week; ) He’s here to chat about Called Home, his upcoming release through Muse It HOT Publishing. I have a number of questions about the story and its stars, plus a few for Kurt too – before we get started, here’s a little about Kurt…

He has worked and lived in Asia, Europe and the US. He travels, writing about the people and passions he sees, probing the emotional triggers that drive people from the beaten path and exploring the consequences of actions many of us think about but never actually take.

Okay…now on with the interview ;o) Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win a PDF of Called Home…details below.

Please tell us how the idea came to you for Called Home. Please include all the fun details.

I was thinking of choices the choices we make and their unintended consequences. Everything we do has consequences, including loving intensely. So I started with the simple idea of the repercussions of loving a person so strongly that life is unimaginable without them. We hear of people dying after a loved one dies. What if someone died because they “felt” their loved one die, but the feeling was wrong? The story isn't about that, but of its consequences. 

What drives, motivates, and/or inspires Brad?

Many of Brad's choices in his short life are dictated by his love of and lust for Donna. Either directly or indirectly, she has been a major influence on him, although he doesn't really see it that way. Her death doesn't diminish that influence. So, speaking simplistically, he is driven by his love for her and her compulsion for them to be together, no matter what.

Why this location? Anything in particular in real-life that made you select it?

I created Daten, the town that Brad and Donna grew up in, but it's nothing special and I briefly lived in a place just like it. I didn't want Brad and Donna to be sophisticated people who would spend too much time analyzing their feelings, but more do-to-earth people who accept what they say and hear more readily. Their world has been their small town. Brad gets out, but not really. The Army trains him and thrusts into a war zone. He is out of his element. It is Donna who stays rooted. In a way this story is about homecoming. She calls him home. They both need closure since life hasn't turned out at all the way they thought it would.

Can you share anything about the paranormal beings in the story? What’s unique about them?

I'm not sure Donna is unique in any sense beyond being an individual. She accepts that she is dead. There is no angst about it. What she won't accept is that she miscalculated. She died thinking that dying would keep her and Brad together. Now she is simply trying to stay strong enough to coax him to join her; to make it right. She uses his passion for her and surrogate lovers to achieve both. In that way she probably is incredibly normal, but focused and willing to forgo jealousy.

Which scene was your favorite to write? Can you share a little of it?

I like scenes that involve characters from different worlds trying to explain themselves to each other. So, when Donna tells Brad to return to the town of Daten, he has to think it out, out loud. Of course she can't actually explain what she wants. She doesn't know how to translate it into any words other than those that describe her desire to be together.

     “There’s nothing in Daten for me,” he told her. “Not even you.”

     I need you closer. You’ve made me stronger, but I am just hanging on. Come back and give me the strength to bring us back together.

      He could never get her to explain what that meant, being back together. But seeing his passion made her stronger, he guessed she expected he could bring her back from the dead. It seemed absurd, but then nearly everything had seemed a bit illogical, the world out of kilter, since he’d gotten shot. The only thing that made any rational sense was the Marines kicking him out. His arm had limited motion.

    After a farewell weekend with Clare, fucking her every way manageable, Brad called Johnny to give him a heads up. Then he bought a used blue Chevy to drive back to Daten.

   He still didn’t have an inkling of what was going on with his life. Donna was dead, but she wasn’t. With so much in his life screwed up, it didn’t seem like forcing it to make sense had much point. The war didn’t make sense. Killing people didn’t make sense. Donna’s accident didn’t make sense. Everything had changed.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on a novel that explores the rather noir world of Cambodian expatriates in a small border town. It's an interesting departure in that it’s about betrayal and any erotica is strictly incidental. I lived in Cambodia for almost three years and six months were spent in this town. The main character has an affinity for the misfits of the world and that place is a good one for finding them.

Would you share your writing schedule OR the best time of day / week to focus on writing?

Mornings are the most productive for me. Unfortunately they are often the best time to do other things as well. I write almost every day, however. When I miss a day it feels wrong.

Where can we find you? List all of your links.

I have my books listed on Amazon central & that's at

Other than that... As I writer, I prefer talking to people, seeing their faces so I can recall them when I write, see how expressions punctuate their words. The sterility of the internet frightens me. I use it, but I don't care for it much as there is too little time in a day as it is. That's sort of a problem from a marketing point of view, but there's not much I can do about it.

Quickie Quiz
       Getting to know Kurt Dysan

Favorite movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Favorite places to write: Near the water in a tropical place.

Favorite season ~ why: As I said, I prefer the tropics where the choices are the rainy season and the dry season. I love the rainy season in Cambodia when the rain is fierce. It helps me think.

Favorite Writing tool:  Pen.

Favorite Novel: The Sun Also Rises or Tropic of Cancer

Picnic or 5 star restaurant: Guesthouse bar

Give AwayKurt would love to give away one PDF copy of Called Home to one lucky commenter – please remember to leave a comment and your email address in case you’re the winner.

Called Home

Book Blurb:

Wounded on a Middle Eastern battlefield, Brad comes home. Donna, his fiancé, is waiting to greet him when he awakes. She encourages him to take an erotic journey home, so they can be together. But at the time he was shot, Donna was killed in a car accident back in their home town. As he tries to resolve the reality of her presence in his head with the idea she is dead, he knows she is leading him home.

Buy Links:

Available now for 99 cents as preorder. Goes on Sale July 10, 2015 for $2.50

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